We have a billboard!

9/29/2011 by GREE International, Inc

On the heels of GREE’s huge presence at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), we have our own S.F. local brand push - check out our new billboard on Hwy 101 right in San Francisco!

This is our first time with our brand out in the community, and we are excited to say hello.

The foundation of any company is its team, and recruiting the best people has been our top priority. We are proud to say we have hired 40+ amazing people in a pretty short space of time. In this current market, this is no small feat, and we like to think our success attests to who we are, and the direction we are taking as the leading mobile social gaming platform in an industry that barely existed last year. We feel like we are at the beginning of a huge wave, and those who join us need to prepare for an exciting ride.

Still, how do we reach people when we are new in the US market? Looking for something eye-catching & fun, we worked with a smart creative agency to design several billboards around San Francisco. We know there is great talent here, and want people to find us. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you spot our billboards!