GREE and OpenFeint = Awesomeness

4/22/2011 by GREE International, Inc

Big news for us today! We are very excited to announce that GREE has acquired OpenFeint! With OpenFeint’s 75 million+ users, and our 25 million in Japan, we will reach over 100 million users, and together we are going to build the best mobile social gaming ecosystem in the world.

You can read about all of the details of the business transaction here and here . But what is most important is what this means to us. Opening an office in San Francisco was our first step to expand outside of Japan, and bring our social gaming know-how to the US market, but with OpenFeint, we achieve a huge step forward with our goal to connect users and developers around the world, helping developers launch their games in new countries, and users interact with gamers worldwide. Our founders, Yoshikazu Tanaka and Jason Citron, knew this was an incredible match when they first met, sharing the same global vision about connecting people. We really look forward to what we can do together.

To that end, it’s also important to note that we will not be changing the OpenFeint team and network. We highly respect who they are and what they have done. Rather, we are bringing our social gaming expertise to the table to further co-develop what OpenFeint has built. We partner with the best and add our talent, not tinker with what they already do best. Both companies, however, are hiring aggressively since we have big goals to achieve, so check out our website if you are interested. And, if you are a game developer wanting to bring social games to the next level, we'd love to hear from you!

This is going to be a great ride!