Find us at SXSW

3/15/2011 by GREE International, Inc
We are pleased to be part of two exciting panels at SXSW this year. The timing is perfect with our arrival in San Francisco and launch in North America. These panels are part of SXSW’s focus on Japan as an emerging leader in tech and mobile markets. We are honored to represent a new trend of Japanese companies going global.

Our first panel is “Japanese Mobile Leaders Forum” on Monday March 14th with Eiji Araki, our VP of Products. As a leader of Japan’s largest social gaming network, Eiji will join the paneComposel to discuss the Japanese social gaming market, best practices and designs that are globally applicable, and how Japan can firmly contribute to social mobile developments.  

On Tuesday March 15th, Naoki Aoyagi, our CEO, will be on the panel "Japan Web: A New Beginning or the Galapagos” to discuss the web culture in Japan. A few successful companies are emerging from Japan to go global, including GREE. This panel offers a great opportunity to hear from leaders in this rapidly changing industry about Japanese innovation and trends that will inform the North American market.

For more information on the panel topics,
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This is our first appearance at a conference, but we will be more active once we launch. For now, we are focused on getting things ready here, and look forward to releasing our first game! 

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