GREE is here in San Francisco

2/17/2011 by GREE International, Inc
GREE is Japan's leading social gaming network, with over 23 million users. A Japanese who has not heard of GREE is rare indeed. However, unless you work in the gaming industry, and specifically in the social mobile gaming industry, you probably have not heard of GREE, right?

We hope that will change over the next few months!

A team of GREE gaming developers flew from Tokyo just 4 weeks ago to open GREE's subsidiary in California. Now serious recruiting for local talent is starting in order to jump start our American office.

California is a hub of innovation with a high concentration of industry-leading tech companies, and GREE is here to join the ranks.
GREE's success in Japan is nothing short of phenomenal, and our expertise is in understanding mobile user behavior very well. We have been making our games since 2007, which in social gaming time, is pretty much at the pioneering stage. We are bringing a new way of playing games to you that takes advantage of the mobile technology which is revolutionizing how we connect to friends.

Teaming up with the Bay Area's brightest and most creative, GREE is busy building our first game tailored to the U.S. market. We hope you will keep an eye on us, and check out our games to come! Please feel free to reach out to us; we would love to get to know you!